About us

As a stable initiative, ABC-Belarus was started in August 2009 and is pretty active since then. Before this there was just a few people who collected money from time to time only if they were needed; this was not very effective, as we were not able to get much money urgently, that’s why the regular initiative was established.

Our group provides support for anarchist, anti-authoritarian, antifascist, FNB and other social activists, when the problems are connected with their activity, though each case is taken into consideration individually.

We provide legal assistance, financial support for legal procedures and help with the information spread.

We raise money from the people concerned in the concerts, during general meetings or from organised solidarity tours.

Our first and the most difficult campaign is connected with the case of the attack on the Russian embassy, carried out in solidarity with the prisoners in Russia. The attack was followed by a huge wave of repression, that left about 50 people interrogated, 17 detained on suspicion and 8 people found guilty of several episodes. Now 3 of them are acknowledged political prisoners by rights watch organisation, 3 more are awaiting the decision concerning them.

If you want to help or get in contact, please write to belarus_abc(AT)riseup.net

Public Key:

ABC-Belarus belarus_abc@riseup.net (0x5F74C97B) pub


E172 721D 685D 89DF 1FC6 191C DDB7 656E 5F74 C97B

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