“They threatened to rape, said they would take me to the Gestapo or the forest”.

Nikolai Dedok story, handed over to Radio Svaboda.

On November 12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on the arrest of anarchist blogger Nikolai Dedok. Then the press service of the department claimed that the detainee "actively cooperates with the investigating authorities and gives confessions." At the same time, on the record, published together with the police press release, it is clear that Dedok was severely beaten. Now he is accused of organizing actions that grossly violate public order (Article 342 of the Criminal Code). From the person with whom Dedok managed to talk in the detention centre on Akrestsina Street, "Mediazona" learned the details of the anarchist's detention.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, told "Mediazona" that, according to Nikolai Dedok, the security forces came to his rented apartm

Open letter in support of Belarus anarchist revolutionaries

What's happened?

On October 22 in Soligorsk (Belarus) administrative building of State committee of forensic examination was attacked and cars were set on fire at the parking lot of Soligorsk district prosecutor's office. On the night of October 28 the building of traffic police department of Mozyr district police department was set on fire. Soon a group of anarchists-revolutionaries: Igor Olinevich, Dmitry Dubovsky, Dmitry Rezanovich and Sergey Romanov were detained by a mobile group of Mozyr border detachment near the Ukrainian border in Zabozye village of Yelsky raion (Belarus). The detainees are currently held in a KGB remand prison in Minsk. They were charged under part 3 of article 289 of the Criminal Code (act of terrorism committed by an organized group).

Anarchist Revolutionaries

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ABC-Belarus will not support Alexander Frantskevich

It became known that Alexander Frantskevich was detained in Minsk together with Akihiro Hanoda. According to his comrades, he was charged under Article 293. part 1 of the Criminal Code "Mass riots".

We were supporting him during his arrest from 2010 to 2014, however right now situation have changed.

ABC-Belarus will not support Alexander Frantskevich for his repeated attempts to influence other members of the anarchist movement in Belarus and Ukraine through direct violence. He has also been repeatedly found guilty of attempts to deceive his own comrades, including themes on collective financial issues. We understand perfectly well that the charges against him are very serious. There are enough human rights organizations in Belarus that can help Alexander at the moment.

Our position on violence against o

Anarchist Sergey Romanov faces a second prison term

Sergey Romanov is an anarchist from Gomel, who was released from the penitentiary in summer 2019. Before that we had not written about his case at the request of Sergei himself, he saw no point in revealing his data and details of the case.

For many years, Sergey was constantly persecuted by law enforcement agencies for his political beliefs and civic position, and since there are few politically active people in the town, they would come for Romanov after any incident. For example, back in 2011, when anarchists in Gomel claimed responsibility for setting fire to a billboard with police propaganda, Sergey’s flat was searched and he was summoned for questioning in an attempt to hang the crime on him.

Before the local council election in 2014, Romanov was detained and fined for damaging election campaign materials (accordi